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Frequently Asked Questions 

 QUESTION: When was the foundation initiated and why?


ANSWER: Aged Heart Care Foundation was initiated in year 2008, established to assist Aged people in the Ekiti community who suffer neglect and increasing old age, illnesses, incapacitation and declining standard of life.



QUESTION: What exactly are the main components of the service to the old people?

ANSWER: The main components of the assistance we render to these poor and weak members of our society include:

  1. Financial assistance of monthly stipends to augment their monthly feeding  

  2. Clothing

  3. Medical Out Reach: per annum for 50 persons  

  4. Supply of Personal Hygiene Items: Bath Soaps, Detergents, Tooth Paste etc.  

  5. Ambulance Hire and Medical Personnel

  6. Drugs and Medications 

  7. Celebration of ARUGBO DAY (Special event held for the old people at Christmas every year since inception to date) includes Feeding, Entertainment and Transportation of the old people.



QUESTION: How does Aged Heart Care Foundation select its beneficiaries?

ANSWER: The determination of the most qualified persons is based specifically on age -  average age of 70 years and above. Therefore three (3) Oldest Persons (male or female) from each of the thirteen (13) Districts within Ilupeju-Ekiti, in Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State are carefully selected to enjoy the monthly stipend and benefits. The facility had been extended to Itapa and Osin Ekiti respectfully in December 2016 with two (2) Aged people representing each of the towns Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State. By December 2016, only six (6) of the pioneer beneficiaries out of thirty-nine (39) remained alive. Because of the qualifying advanced age of beneficiaries (from average of 70 years and above) incidences of death is quite familiar, and the system adopted makes it easier to replace through substitution by the next oldest person from the District affected. In all, a total of one hundred (100) beneficiaries had benefitted to-date under the scheme.


QUESTION: How has the foundation been funded until now?

ANSWER: The Founder, Oloye Esan Oguleye had over the years single-handedly funded the assistance intervention project till date. The Founder himself had since become a Retiree with dwindling financial resources and could no longer fund the project to the level he had desired.



QUESTION: What has been the impact of the foundation so far?

ANSWER: The scheme was initially designed to cover the Three (3) oldest beneficiaries in each of the 13 Districts of Ilupeju-Ekiti, Ekiti State in year 2008. The Thirty – Nine (39) Beneficiaries were sustained consistently, until the 8th year, when we were constrained to increase the number to 50 persons, extended across three (3) additional Towns/Villages. i.e Itapa -Ekiti, Osin- Ekiti and Ijelu- Ekiti respectively.

Our desire to sustain and grow the scheme is predicated on making a tangible social impact across the Oye Local Gov’t Area, thus actualising our dream of making Ekiti State a destination for Ageing Gracefully. 

December, 2018 marks the 10th year Anniversary of this personal endeavour and legacy which has transformed into a full blown NGO for the benefit of elderly people within the local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria. It started with the initial captive town of Ilupeju- Ekiti. The beneficiary’s coverage had since extended to Itapa, Osin & Ijelu Ekiti in response to the increasing demand for inclusion into the programme.



QUESTION: What specific project/initiative would you be looking for funding for? (Projects being undertaken within the next 3-9 months is included with details about the project - including projected costs, and what social impact we estimate having).        

ANSWER: The main components of the assistance extended to the elderly people are recurrent activities and expenditures which require funding for their sustenance.

  1. Financial assistance of monthly stipends to augment their monthly feeding – N6,000 pm ×50 12 = N300,000 per annum. ($835)

  2. Cost of Clothing: N5,000 * 50 = 250,000 p.a ($700)

  3. Medical Out Reach: per annum for 50 persons = N180,000 ($500)

  4. Supply of Personal Hygiene Items: Bath Soaps, Detergents, Tooth Paste etc. N7,200 each * 50 = N360,000 p.a ($1,000)

  5. Ambulance Hire and Medical Personnel: N30,000 p.a ($140)

  6. Cost of Drugs and Medicaments: N55,000 for a year ($170)

  7. ARUGBO DAY (Social Interactions Get Together) - Group Feeding, Entertainment and Transportation for 50 persons: N1,500,000 / year ($4,166)


       TOTAL (1-7) in USD = $ 7,511

The cost of the above listed items totalling USD 7,511 is a recurrent annual expenditure which had been deliberately kept low to meet affordability of the Founder.

A total of USD 9,500 p.a, is projected to meet the current costs, based on prevailing rate of inflation and to sustain the current number of 50 Beneficiaries (as at December 2018). The compelling need for assistance now is mainly to sustain this laudable project and to avert its termination; which may be forced by the financial incapacity of the Founder and Funder.   


QUESTION: How many direct beneficiaries do you believe your project would impact?       

ANSWER: Arising from the growing popularity acceptance and expectation of the program, we desire to expand the coverage to at least 250 Beneficiaries from the current No of 50.

Having survived monthly for the past 10 years without a break, it is expected by all stake holders that the project is long overdue for extension both in breadth and depth. Hitherto, the grand total number of beneficiaries is 114 including the dead who were always replaced within the scheme over the past Ten (10) years.

Within the coming 12 months, we intend to extend the benefits with its attendant social impact on at least 250 Direct Beneficiaries/ Extended families by providing:

  1. Increased monthly stipends from N500 to N1,000 - ($2.80) each p.m. i.e. $2.8 × 250 × 12 p.m. ($8,400)

  2. Enhance the Medical Out-Reach and mobility of Aged people by the acquisition of an Ambulance/ Medical Van to aid movements to and fro Medical Services Centres. (Pre - Owned plus cost of conversion) ($9,750)

  3. Solicitation, Collection and Storage of Drugs and Medicaments for Age related Ailments for dispensing to the Elderly. ($5,000)

  4. Allowances for Medical Service Personnel for dispensing of drugs and support for the Elderly. ($4,000)

  5. e.  Solicitation, Collection, Cleaning, Laundry and Warehousing of personal items which would be sold to raise funds for the Care of the aged persons e.g. - Re- useable Furniture, Crockeries, Clothes, Cooking Utensils and other House Hold Items, Refrigerators etc.  ($11,000)


       TOTAL (a-e) in USD = $38,150



QUESTION: With the believe that 100% of the funds should go to the beneficiaries, is Aged Heart Care Foundation willing to bear all administrative costs, and give 100% of the funds raised by Donors/Sponsors to the beneficiaries?


ANSWER: Yes indeed. We believe that once we embark and accomplish the expansion of our activities enumerated in 1&2 above, we would be able to impact directly at least 250 (Two hundred and fifty) persons and families. This goal is however subject to sourcing of financial and/or material assistance from Donors.

Our Foundation had exclusively financed the direct and Administrative costs for the past 10 years. Future Donor funds will enable us to continue to do this more effectively. Donor funds will be a relief and enabler for us to bear the operational and Administrative Expenses more conveniently. 



QUESTION: In keeping with accountability and to ensure visibility to donors/ sponsors, can the foundation provide a detailed report/summary document showing how donated funds were utilized after the project completion?


ANSWER: Yes we can. Our relative success so far, though limited by resources from only one source to date. I.e. Funding by Founder is driven by the openness & accountability of our management of limited available resources.

All the support obtained had so far been invested for the direct benefit of the beneficiaries.

  • Any subsequent support or funds raised for a specific project will of essence go direct to the beneficiary. Hence, we shall encourage Donors to render not just financial support but assistance in-kind of their choices.

  • Aged Heart Foundation commits to providing detailed periodic reports and documentary summary of financial reports of how funds are utilized.

  • Going forward, we also intend to publish Audited Financial Reports to our Donors. Such reports will also be made available on our Website: from time to time      



QUESTION: Would the foundation be willing to share with its donors the results/outcomes of the projects/initiatives they’ve received funding for, with proofs of these activities/outcomes? E.g. pictures, acknowledgement letters… etc.


  • Absolutely! We are satisfied that our management and operational records, are primed for continuous improvement, and considered currently adequate for reporting to Donors/Sponsors.

  • We are confident that we are in a position to meet any Donor/Sponsor information requirement for any funds or assistance received.

  • Just as we have preserved the records in Pictures, Videos and acknowledgements of our past activities, and make them available on our website Gallery. Moreover, we are willing to share with our donors and sponsors further proofs of such activities and outcomes if requested.

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